Daily Classroom Instructors

Kathrine Skogen Myrah

Kathrine hails from Kongsberg Norway, where she lived until emigrating from Norway in 1994. While studying graphic design at Winona State, Kathrine fell in love with a Norwegian American farmer and quickly decided to settle down in “little Norway,” Spring Grove, MN. Besides farming with her husband, she primarily works as a photographer, web- and graphic designer. She has taught Norwegian language classes in town and is the Lead Instructor at Norwegian Ridge Language Camp.


Rachel Storlie

Originally from Caledonia, MN, Rachel has been on a theoretical journey to Norway since she was born! Having parents who both volunteered as Youth For Understanding coordinators kept a Scandinavian brother or sister in her life annually. As a high school student given the sole option of studying Spanish, Rachel decided to instead attend Skogfjorden’s intensive summer credit program. She fell in love, and returned a second year for the remaining portion of her high school foreign language credits. An operatically trained classical singer, Rachel keeps up her relationships with elder foreign siblings and utilizes their knowledge frequently as she performs and teaches music as a career at her home studio. If paired with Rachel in class, you will learn a lot about Norwegian language and culture through song and story, and can help her carry out a personal goal of a successful performance of the “weaving” dance!


Stine Myrah

Stine has been a part of this camp since the very beginning. She is an enchanting and charismatic leader who is very outgoing and creative. Her theatrical flair and musicality create a fun learning environment. Numerous family trips to Norway have greatly enhanced her understanding of the language and culture.



Maria Myrah

Maria has also been a part of this camp since its inaugural year. She is amazing with young kids, and a patient, caring leader who enables those around her to shine. Like Stine, she also has been on many family trips to Norway and frequently practices the language in their home.



Jakob Myrah

Jakob will be back again this summer. He is an avid outdoorsman whose athletic energy is infectious. Jakob will be helping with daily activities, armed with a golden heart and great patience. If you need help with a detailed project, he is your guy.


Brit Eddy

Brit has been involved with our language camp from the very beginning. She is from Åfjord, Norway, and has lived in the United States since 1977. Brit lives in Cresco, Iowa. Brit has raised her own family with Norwegian culture and has so much to teach our students. She is amazing with arts and crafts.


Phyllis O'Connor

Being new to the camp in 2016, Phyllis joins us again this year to share art-based activities. Her family roots go back to some of the earliest Norwegian settlers of Spring Grove. Born and raised in SG, she obtained her Art Ed degree and returned to SG to enjoy married life and raise two children amongst the strong Norse heritage. Her main area of interest is acrylic painting, but has had training in many art mediums.  “I feel I can learn as much from the campers as I share with them, so it is a win-win for me.”


Gavin Thorson

Gavin is from Mabel, MN and has attended our camp in the past. He will be joining us again
as supporting staff this year and brings with him a love of travel, strong interest in genetic ancestry and an affinity for science & the arts.  Gavin’s enthusiasm will be a great addition
to our team!


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